We understand that each business has different needs and often requires them to grow and expand. With this in mind we offer your business a bespoke and scalable server hosting solutions utilising colocation. You may opt to start with 1U or multiple U's and when your business is ready scale up to a self-contained half rack and, when business demands it, take your own full 47U rack providing the reassurance and security so vital in today's business environment.

What benefits does colocation hosting offer my business?

By focusing on core business activities and leaving us to worry about the physical environment, you can benefit from lower internal costs
and a stronger competitive position for your business. Managing one's own IT infrastructure is often demanding, resource intensive and
requires many resources. As a result, it can have a limiting effect on an organization's ability to focus on developing, servicing and selling
their products and services.

By utilising Telasera's services provider to collocate IT and network infrastructure, your company will receive numerous benefits including:

Colocation Features

  • Cost efficient - Saves time and resources for your company's IT staff
  • Reduce overheads and gain access to facilities & bandwidth not physically or financially feasible at your company's offices
  • Reliability with guaranteed connectivity 24/7
  • High Speed Bandwidth
  • Secure Datacentre
1U Rackspace 4U Rackspace 10U Rackspace Half Rack
10 GB Traffic 30 GB Traffic 50 GB Traffic 100 GB Traffic
1 IPv4 2 IPv4 5 IPv4 5 IPv4
1 AMP Power 2 AMP Power 3 AMP Power 5 AMP Power
Remote Reboots Remote Reboots Remote Reboots Remote Reboots
100Mbit Uplink 100Mbit Uplink 100Mbit Uplink 100Mbit Uplink
Private Vlan Private Vlan Private Vlan Private Vlan
27/4 Monitoring 27/4 Monitoring 27/4 Monitoring 27/4 Monitoring
Enquire Now Enquire Now Enquire Now Enquire Now

High Speed Network

With multiple redundant internet links at our colocation facility your servers will always have to fastest access to the internet with the high speed access.

Usage Statistics

We provide you with detailed usage reporting available to you for tracking your servers usage patterns and isolating high traffic usage periods.

Managed Security

Managed firewalling offers you access to our hardware firewalls to protect your servers and lock down access to any unsecure ports or resources you might have running on your environment.

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